Dr. Adnan Al-KaragholiDr. Adnan Al-Karagholi has been practicing in Northern Virginia for three years. He attended James Madison University for his Bachelor of Science in health science and later went on the graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2019. Dr. Adnan takes continuing education courses multiple times per year. Most recently, he has completed the surgical component of the AIC master course, a veneer master course, and an endodontics course. Dr. Adnan is a member of the American Dental Association®, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Virginia Dental Association and the Northern Virginia Dental Society.

Dr. Adnan’s goal as a dentist is to provide optimal patient care where education and comfort play a central role in patient experience. He values the importance of informed consent in a procedure and believes that patient care is best when the patient believes in the treatment. During treatment, his number one priority is patient comfort, and he achieves this by actively listening and communicating with his patients from the beginning to the end. Prior to starting treatment, Dr. Adnan explains the procedure in detail. During the treatment, he walks the patient through every step he will take so that they feel like they are in the know and have an active voice to express any concerns. This often leads to the patient feeling more comfortable going into procedures and more confident in their smile post treatment.

His passion for patient education has grown into an online presence. Dr. Adnan is a social media creator known as Dr. Don, with over 150K followers and millions of views on Tik-Tok (check him out at @thedontist)! His content focuses on educating patients on proper home care and clinical dentistry. He has had the honor of partnering with a number of brands promoting products that he believes can drastically change oral care for patients, including LISTERINE®, Therabreath®, GLO teeth whitening, Fresh-Tips® and Ortho-Buddy. Dr. Adnan is passionate about preventative health and patient education because he truly believes that in many instances, prevention is better than the cure. He incorporates this educational motif in his day-to-day practice of clinical dentistry and many patients have benefited from the well-researched information he has shared with them surrounding oral hygiene and dental care.

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