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Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic dentistry provides a treatment plan that will lead to a beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening will give you a natural, beautiful smile. The procedure can do done at home with a whitening kit or use our in-office bleaching procedure.

Trial smile helps you to see how your smile comes out after a dental procedure.

You can improve the color, shape and size of your teeth with veneers. They are also used to close spaces between teeth.

Need a tooth replacement? Implants provide a safe way of replacing missing teeth. We use computer guided placement to ensure that each implant is in the best possible position to support a crown, bridge or removable appliance.

Bone graft and ridge augmentation is an effective treatment for Gum recession, a common dental problem that takes place gradually with a warning signal of tooth sensitivity or elongation.

Does too much gum tissue show when smiling? If yes, then you need cosmetic crown lengthening. This procedure will expose more of the tooth by readjusting the gum and bone levels.

Gingivectomy is a procedure that removes gum tissues due to disease or other issues.

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