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Our children's dentistry dentists have handled many children related dental issues. Our goal is to help children build positive dental habits. This will help them maintain excellent dental health throughout their lifetime.

If you have lost one or more teeth due to accident, illness, aging etc., there is still hope for a beautiful smile. Your smile can be restored by full or partial dentures .

We offer DIAGNOdent Exam to help detect lesions not detected by x-rays.

We use digital x-rays that make it possible to transfer dental records by email. This reduces dental appointments and produces higher quality images.

Sometimes, you may need to remove your teeth for several reasons such as fractured or bad teeth. We offer a pain-free extraction , either surgical or non-surgical based on the condition of the teeth.

You need fillings to repair damaged teeth.

Our intraoral cameras help both the dentist and the patient see irregularities by the naked eye.

Our laser treatment sterilizes infected areas of the tooth with accuracy. It closes off blood vessels, helps to heal faster, reduce dental appointments, etc.

Do you hate to smile when people are around you? With Lumineers , you no longer have to hide or hate your smile. It is a pain-free procedure that is easy and quick. The result is permanently white teeth that last a long time.

Mouth guards are teeth protectors. They come in different forms based on function, such as, athletic guard, night guards and snore guards.

Nitrous oxide , also known as dental laughing gas, can be used for sedation during a dental surgical procedure. It helps reduce anxiety.

Orthodontists are smile specialists - they extract teeth, guide facial development and align teeth and jaws.

Change the color, shape and size of your teeth or a tooth with porcelain veneers . They will make your teeth white and remove gaps between teeth.

Sedation dentistry involves tranquilizing a patient before a dental procedure. This ensures the patient feels no pain. It can be in the form of I.V sedation or nitrous oxide sedation.

A perfect smile can increase confidence. Teeth whitening will help you to get a whiter and brighter, beautiful smile.

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