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Dental Specialties

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

This surgeon is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments affecting the neck, face, mouth, and jaws. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is regarded as the bridge between medicine and dentistry, and requires qualification in both medicine and dentistry.

The detailed ailments handled under this specialization include:

  • TMJ surgery for the repair of jaw joints
  • Extraction of impacted teeth
  • Teeth replacement using dental implants
  • Alignment of the jaw
  • Post trauma realignment of the facial bones
  • Teeth removal
  • Repair of trauma of the face
  • Detection and extraction of jaw, oral or facial cysts
  • Jaw and face reconstruction surgery


Prosthodontists are experts with specialization in the restoration and replacement of lost teeth, and creation of beautiful smiles. Prosthodontists undergo an additional 3 years of specialized training in an ADA (American Dental Association) accredited institution, after dental school.


A periodontist is a specialist dentist trained to handle diseases of the gums and all the areas around the teeth. The need for a periodontist arises when there is evidence of gum deterioration due to implants, disease, or cosmetics. Periodontists usually work together with dentists in order to find the best possible route to take in designing a treatment plan.

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are specialist dentists committed to the dental health of children, right from their infant ages to their teen ages. Their qualification and experience enables them to oversee the care of a child's gums, mouth, and teeth all through their childhood. They get an additional 2 years of residency training in the management of dental needs of children.


An orthodontist is a specialist dentist who makes use of retainers, braces etc., for the improvement and correction of the position, function, and appearance of misaligned or crooked teeth. These anomalies could be from accident injuries, developed due to bad habits such as thumb sucking, or genetically induced.


Endodontists are specialist dentists trained to diagnose and treat ailments and injuries of the pulp, root canal, and other tissues around the teeth. They undergo an additional 2 - 3 years of training in Endodontics after dental school.

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