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DIAGNOdent Exam



DIAGNOdent is a new technology used in locating the tiniest areas of tooth decay. It offers a non-radical means of precise targeting and treating of minor dental problems, early enough to prevent a more complex approach.

The success of DIAGNOdent has made it popular in the U.S., with over 17,500 dental professionals using it. The ADA (American Dental Association) has awarded it a Seal of Acceptance and a good number of dental institutes have incorporated it into their course outlines.
Find the features of DIAGNOdent below.

  • It utilizes laser beam to locate and analyze any tiny, hidden or partially exposed tooth decay, through the quantification of the fluorescent levels of laser inside the tooth.
  • Any abnormal or decayed matter present in the tooth will glow. This glow reaction will trigger DIAGNOdent to display high scale readings.
  • Though the device shows the readings on a display, there is also an audio tone, which that accompanies each scale reading. This affords the examiner to focus more on the patient than on the device.
  • DIAGNOdent functions with a wavelength of 655nm. This is the level where there are low or no glow trigger displays for healthy and decay-free teeth.

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