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The use of dental implants for the substitution of lost teeth is one of the crucial developments in dentistry over the past three decades. These implants come in the form of titanium attachments, surgically embedded inside the jawbone, and serving as secure base for the substituted tooth/teeth. The shape of the titanium attachment is similar to the shape of the tooth root.

Dental implant procedure is suitable for virtually anybody. Only a few people are exceptions, such as young people below the age of 18 years, and those ill with weak immunity.

Dental implants are effective in the substitution or replacement of several teeth or just one tooth, while restoring complete crowns and bridges. They can also help support complete or partial dentures, making them more stable and secured in place. These dentures are either the permanent types or the temporary removable ones.

Before any implant replacement procedure, the dentist or surgeon will first carry out tests to check the amount of bone structure available in the socket. This is necessary to determine the correct size of implant to use, and its processes. There are situations where the bone or surrounding tissues will undergo minor reconstruction in order to provide a suitable base for the implant.

In case of dentures that do not fit well, we make use of cheap temporary implants to provide more stability. This type of implant uses less bone than the standard implant.

Due to the delicate nature of this procedure, proper and comprehensive examination must be carried out before the use of any form of dental implant. To ensure a successful outcome of any implant restoration/dental implants, it is very important to have a free flow of information between all personnel (Surgeon and General Dentist) involved in the process.

We have qualified and experienced Specialists and General Dentists in our office, and they work together to ensure the certainty of the outcome of this type of dental procedure.

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