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This is a method used to achieve teeth straightening with the use of customized invisible aligners. Invisalign has become acceptable and popular in dental procedures and clinical research countrywide. It gives a reason to smile again with its great benefits of correcting sparse, crowded, or misaligned teeth.

Before we prescribe Invisalign, we will first carry out tests to determine if it is the best solution for your condition. We will design a treatment program for you, and make an impression of your teeth. We will send this impression to Invisalign, where they will use 3D technology to convert it into a well-defined set of aligners. You will wear each set of the aligners for two weeks at a time until it aligns your teeth to a desired result.

The length of treatment time using Invisalign is equivalent to that of brace treatment so you do not necessarily need more visits to our office.

Dr. Al-Karagholi is a trained and qualified Invisalign provider and enjoys helping patients regain their pretty smiles.

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