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Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers that are digitally designed to be applied effortlessly over the teeth for a natural and beautiful smile. Standard veneers are typically thicker than Lumineers, and usually need more radical and permanent removal of healthy teeth surface. They also require shots of anaesthesia for the reduction of pain and sensitivity of teeth. However, Lumineers eliminate the need for all these. Many dentists provide veneer procedures but only Certified Lumineers Dentists are trained to provide Lumineers procedures. Make sure that only a Certified Lumineers Dentist handles your case.

Lumineers are reversible and have a long lifespan of 20+ years. It takes only two dental visits to achieve a beautiful smile using Lumineers.

1st Visit

Having done a prior consultation, the Certified Lumineers Dentist will make an impression of your top and bottom sets of teeth and forward the pattern and any other useful pictures and data to an accredited Lumineers laboratory. This laboratory is where the Lumineers are digitally designed.

2nd Visit

After some weeks, you will go back for your 2nd visit where the dentist will then apply the Lumineers to your teeth. Make sure you test them for perfect fit before they are fixed in place. The fixing takes place after the teeth are slightly etched. Your dentist will also carry out a check to make sure you have a proper bite with the Lumineers fixed. This is to avoid any damage to the Lumineers.

You can see how easy and straight forward getting a natural and permanently white smile can be.

Conventional veneers are handled one by one. However, with LUMITray Technology, your dentist can apply all Lumineers at once. Generally, with the elimination of most of the problems faced with the use of standard veneers, treatment time for Lumineers is greatly reduced.

Lumineers offer you the ability to enjoy your smile without feeling any embarrassment about how your teeth look. It also does not have the uncomfortable characteristics of other conventional procedures. With Lumineers, you are sure of:

  1. Pain-free treatment
  2. Long-lasting white teeth
  3. Sensitivity-free expectations
  4. Simple and fast process

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